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"Sustainable economies are dependent on high-impact entrepreneurship. What Endeavor does better than any other organization is to create entire cultures of entrepreneurship that spread within and between countries."

Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn/Greylock
Endeavor Global Board Member

"Endeavor has one value that just holds so strong and true - to be 'founder-first'. And when you grow this global community of successful founders that care about supporting each other first, that's powerful."

Joanna Harries,
Senior Vice President Global Expansion Endeavor

"Every market we've entered previously has experienced a huge growth spurt after we went there - and the world will take notice that if Endeavor has set up their office in Pakistan, sooner or later, others will follow."

Ali Samir Oosman
Managing Director, Endeavor Pakistan

"We're trying to scale the best companies and we've seen in enough markets that large markets like Pakistan don't just have one winner. There's multiple winners because the market size and population set is so large."

Ali Samir Oosman
Managing Director, Endeavor Pakistan

"When you see that impact day-to-day, in every ride, you feel you're onto something important & it also makes you feel responsible. If I have the ability to make this kind of impact, why should I not keeping doing it?"

Mudassir Sheikha
Chairman Endeavor Pakistan and CEO & Co-founder Careem